The Endless Darkness and Mystery of the Ocean is Getting a Bit Tempting to Dive into Now

Patterns. Habits. Repetition. Why do we do it? Why is it that before we even brush our teeth, our eyes are glued to a screen? Why is it that we are constantly choosing the wrong people to adore? Why is it, that at the slip of a tongue, leaders are prepared to launch into a war. Eternal, and hostile, and unethical and terrifyingly lethal. The coincidences and the purposeful actions that draw attention to our faults.

The ever-changing cycle of the moon and the hastening blaze of wildfires, the latter of which is our fault. In people, the swelling of a heart caused by just a glance. In animals, the need to protect their own; some of the strongest bonds known to the earth. In history, the coveting of power, freedom, land, you name it. As long as it can be fought over, there has been a significant event.

There are the consistent things, things that seem mundane until you look a little closer; the sun rising every morning, setting in the evening to give way to the moon. the leaves falling, dying, and growing with the constant, mortal change of seasons. Gentle sweeps of the hand; both parties still feigning ignorance. The moon, sometimes revealing slivers of herself and sometimes nothing at all, depending on the time of the month.

Then there are the extravagant things; solar eclipses, noxious, though they are still marveled at, we are riveted by their forbidden beauty. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines. Beautiful patterns; symbiotic relationships, needing another being so intensely to the point where one animal becomes so dependent on another to the point where they’d suffer without them. Habits we all know. Running upstairs after shutting off the lights because of the monsters that so clearly lurk in the darkness. Impulsively puffing our cheeks out every time we see a dying dandelion. Turning up our headphones to the loudest volume as an excuse to keep to yourself.

I think that we, as humans, are especially selfish people. Every single war, whether it be documented through stone plates engraved by the brightest of minds, or though recorded segments by people whose main job is to look pretty and come off calm and composed; every war has begun because people wanted something. It might have been money or power or something slightly more moral.

Humanity is messy. Everything is messy and agonizing whether that be because of pleasure and pain. We flourish in the presence of either ourselves or in the presence of others. Just as plants flourish in the rain, we too, will drown, constantly being in the presence of others. It’s quite dangerous, really, being under too heavy an influence of other people. We need to spend time with ourself too, spend time in our own mind, redecorating and making sure it’s a nice place. Not that it ever really will be, and trying to get to a constant state of euphoria can quite frankly lead to insanity. Probably why the presence of others can be so intoxicating, getting a break from your own mind.

But we must be careful, as history states, people tend to drift towards the wrong people more often than not and when people are doing the wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong places, it can lead to a full-fledged revolution. I don’t, by any means, believe that any of these things are bad, its in our nature and we aren’t very good at going against that, not that we were meant to. But maybe we could.

Maybe we could just ignore the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves, even for just an hour. Breaking out of patterns, of toxic habits, as people, I’ve never quite strove for conformity, obedience, after all. We could watch the sunsets, scream at the stars, breathe in the heady aroma of the sea, braid crowns from flowers, putting out the fires both in the world and in our thoughts; we could just let ourselves be enthralled by it all.