Dying, Burning, Stars

Modeled After “Remember” by Joy Harjo

Remember that we are dying stars.

Remember the feeling of being violently alive, know that you’ve only got one shot. 

Remember that there is no right person, that the people who you choose to love will be the ultimate proof of your existence. 

Remember young people and how they are being robbed of their compassion and stifled because of their ache for freedom

Remember the story of the moon and the sun, how she loved him so dearly she died every night to let him breathe. 

You are proof of this story as well.

Remember your childhood. I wish I’d told myself to write it all down, it’d be quite the story.

Remember when your bedtime was shoved back, when the tooth fair ceased to visit, when the world’s fire started scorching and its oppression became significant.

Remember the familiarity of those lyrics, the melody of a backbeat and the tenor of a violin, who are dying stars, too. They too, will one day exist only in our memories’.

Romanticize your life.

Remember to feel things as loudly as you possibly can. Remember that we, as humans can cry from any emotion being too powerful, so cry as much as you like, taking comfort that you have lived to a moment’s fullest extent to the point where your body cannot possibly emote properly.

Be rebelliously selfish and jealous and hate small talk to an overwhelming degree, but have passion and capacity.