About Me

My dreams are so big I can hardly contain them, so I thought they needed a place. Welcome to my blog! The place where I share my culinary adventures, my favorite experiences, and my singing voice.

I am newly ten this month, which excites me tremendously, double digits! I am the oldest of three, with a younger sister & brother who are always interested in what I’m doing & more so in what I’m cooking! They may be my biggest critics & pleasing their palettes is a huge success.

We also have a big rescued pup, Harley, who will no doubt make his appearance in my writings. He is unaware of his size & often finds his way to my lap.

My parents are both creative people, my dad helped with this blog & my mom is the one I usually cook with. We like to create all sorts of things as a family. I hope you enjoy my musings…thanks for visiting!