I know I’m only 10 but I have already decided where I want to go to college, the CIA. If you don’t know what the CIA is, it’s a cooking school, more specifically, the Culinary Institute of America. When I first told some of my friends that I wanted to be a CIA graduate they said “You want to work at the Central Intelligence Agency?” after they explained what it was I made sure to always mention that it was a cooking school. The first time I went to the CIA was on my 10th birthday. We all woke up early and had chocolate chip or lemon birthday pancakes (which were amazing by the way) After that we all got in the car for about three hours. Little did I know that my little sister Autumn knew exactly where we were going. When we got closer my mom was trying to draw my attention to many of the “CIA Ahead” or “Chefs Walking” signs as we drove by. But because I was so excited I didn’t see any of them. So, as a result, I still had no clue where we were going. As we got closer, you were able to see a huge building. We were slowing and it was the only place in sight, so I assumed that was where we were going. I started to look for the big sign to go with the big building. After my mom said that its somewhere that I want to be, I saw it, a huge sign that reads “The Culinary Institute of America”. The campus is absolutely gigantic. After we were parked, my parents tell me what things they had planned;
1. Post Road Brew House
2. A tour of the campus
While we head to the restaurant I think about how amazingly fun it would be to go to school here. Not to mention the amazing chefs that probably work here. At last, we have arrived a the Post Road Brew House. When we got in, we learned that all the restaurants on campus were student-run. When we get in, the design looked really nice. Everything looked very rustic. When it came time to order, I got an amazing salmon and risotto dish. The risotto was creamy and thick, while the salmon was tender and juicy. After we had indulged in our incredible food, we were ready to go, but then the waiter made his way over. We told him that it was my birthday, I was on Chopped Jr. and I love to cook. So he gave me an exquisite tour of the kitchen, he even let me into the decorating room. It was full of every piping tip one would ever even imagine. When I got back I told my parents all about it and they asked for the check, but once again Jose surprised me with a beautiful birthday treat. It was a chocolate mousse cake, with bacon vanilla ice cream and airy whipped cream. Next up was our tour of the campus. We got to see everything from the student lounge area to the sugar department. Last but not least, we got an extra special treat in “The Egg” (student lounge). This is where I had my very first creme brulee. It was everything I had imagined, the center creamy but light and the top crisp and warm. My sister, on the other hand, opted for a chocolate croissant. It’s now time to head home. This was probably one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

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